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For Lawns with Chinch Bug problems- we at Turf King Hamilton have always recommended that lawns at risk for chinch bug infestations should be seeded or overseeded with turf-type perennial ryegrass varieties that repel insects. When we overseed lawns we always use a mix with this type of grass in the mix. As well, the small packages of grass seed that we may leave at your home does indeed contain this insect repelling grass seed.

See our Library Article on Grass Species for Lawns

At a retail store this week - I saw a bag of grass seed on the shelf. It is labelled as Lawn Insect Defense Grass Seed.

My assumption is that it does contain endophytic perennial ryegrass. 

Seeding with this grass does not guarantee that chinch bugs will not damage your lawn. However, it is one of the tools that you can use to help reduce the devastation that chinch bugs can do to lawns. This is especially important if we get another hot, dry summer.


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