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Crabgrass Skeletons

When people call in the spring and say that they have crabgrass growing in their lawns already, you can be skeptical. Crabgrass is rarely seen here in Hamilton, Burlington Oakville Ontario until June. In April, you may find skeletons of old crabgrass plants that have died over the winter. Often the dead grass disintegrates and disappears. Especially in front yards where they get walked on or shoveled with the snow.

Crabgrass- a pain for Lawn Care providers in Stoney Creek

Here are some photos of some crabgrass skeletons from a backyard.

There are no easy solutions to a crabgrass problem. But crabgrass is most often found in weak areas of the lawn. So by getting your lawn healthier by seeding or by having a professional lawn care program can go a long way to reducing crabgrass

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