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Hi Gerry

Thanks for your enquiry about fertilizer
You asked -"what do you use what is better scotts or cil?"
In order to provide our customers with a healthy green lawn, we use a custom blended fertilizer that is a high slow release formula. with fortified organic content as well. Our Turf King fertilizer does cost more than what many Lawn Care companies may use. But when you consider that for us- it will take the same amount of time and effort for our technicians to walk around your lawn whether they are applying a mediocre grade of fertilizer or whether they are spreading a custom high quality Turf King blend.
Our Fertilizer is blended to include a fairly high amount of Potassium (the 3rd number in formulas)
In our soil testing of lawns, we have generally found soils in this area to be in need of Potassium.
CIL and Scotts- while they are good fertilizers- they are not as high in slow release as ours is. Probably to keep costs within a certain selling point. They also have less Potassium - as they are formulated to be used across the country.
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